Farming is our Heritage





During their 4000 year history, pomegranates have been symbols of prosperity, hope, and abundance in every part of the world. They have inspired historical leaders, brilliant authors, and famous artists. Their presence has been recorded in history, mythical lore, artistic and literary symbolism, and classic art.

One Farm, One Consistent Source
Farming over 240 acres of Early Wonderful and Wonderful pomegranates, we have the scale to meet all your needs. All of our pomegranates are grown and harvested consistently and are Primus GFS certified.

Our land is located in the Southern Westside of the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. This area is known as the best location to grow California Pomegranates.

Our Variety & Rootstock
We grow, pack and process Early Wonderful and Wonderful pomegranates. Not all Wonderful variety rootstocks are the same. After selecting the best of the best, our rootstocks are grown in a nursery before planting.

Our Harvest Process
We use a scientific method to determine the best to time to harvest. We take samples from our field every day to a Juice Plant laboratory. The fruit is analyzed for sugar, acidity, seed color and skin color. Measuring these key attributes ensures we pick our pomegranates at the optimal time. Once a field is ready for harvest, we are very selective with our picking. We pick only the highest color and blemish free fruit for fresh packing. Other pomegranates are left on the tree to be harvested later for juice or other products.

Our Packing Process

The optimum time to harvest pomegranates is October through mid November. We utilize a modern Primus GFS certified packing house and cold storage. Once the pomegranates are taken to the packing house, the fruit goes through, an anti-fungicide bin washing station. With this technology, the bins are brought in, washed, treated and then put into cold storage for use at a future date.

When packed, pomegranates get a fresh coat of wax, for optimal sheen. We utilize color sorting technology to provide a consistent, high-color, high quality pomegranate. The sorting technology finds defects on the fruit such as sunburn, scarring, russetting and then sorts only the highest color fruit into the box. This technology enables us to provide a consistent, high quality pack every time. In cold storage, an ozone controlled system is utilized to kill any bacteria and human pathogens that may be in the air. Our fruit is stored in a clean, sterile environment for optimum freshness.

Food Safety
All of our fields are audited by a third-party company and we are food safety certified at the highest level, Primus GFS. The packing house and cold storage are also Primus GFS certified.