Farming is our Heritage


Pistachios are truly the food of kings. Originating from Persia, pistachios became commercially available from California in the late 1970’s. Along with their excellent health benefits, pistachios are a popular snacking item and a unique flavorful ingredient for the confectionery, baking and snacking industry. As a grower we are able to offer all grades and sizes of pistachios. We offer both Inshell and Shelled pistachios – raw, roasted and salted.
One Farm, One Consistent Source
Farming over 1,500 acres of pistachios, we have the scale to meet all your needs. All of our pistachios are raised and harvested consistently. Our land is located in the Southern Westside of the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. This area is known as the best location to grow California Pistachios.

Our Harvest & Packing Process
We grow, pack and process all of our pistachios in the San Joaquin Valley in Central California, where Hansen Ranches has been farming for five generations. During September and October, our trees are harvested with special equipment that keep pistachios off the ground. The pistachios are transported to local facilities for sorting, sizing and packaging, where great detail is taken to deliver the best quality pistachios in the industry.

Food Safety
Hansen Ranches has implemented a Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in our pistachio orchards. Our food safety guidelines comply with all local, state and federal food safety and quality laws. We educate ourselves with the latest agricultural, production and pesticide research. Our packing facility utilizes a broad spectrum of optical devices to detect and remove defects and imperfections.


Not all nuts are created equal. Whether you’re craving the perfect snack, trying to eat more sensibly, or even a world-class athlete training for the Olympics, pistachios are fuel for life. Delicious and filling, these little green treats have antioxidants, protein, and healthy fats that boost energy and promote muscle recovery.