Farming is our Heritage


Proven pima purity from our farms to your family. It takes the world’s purest American Pima Cotton to make the world’s finest Pima Cotton products. Only PimaCott upholds that purity every step of the way. Our revolutionary DNA tracking system helps ensure purity from farm to shelf. So that the American Pima we grow is the Pima you get. For quality beyond compare. And purity you can’t find anywhere else. Pimacott is the new standard in Pima purity.
One Farm, One Consistent Source
Growing over 9,000 acres of high-quality Pima cotton, we have the scale to meet all your needs. Our Pima cotton is grown and harvested consistently to high PimaCott standards. Our land is located in the Southern Westside of the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. This area is known as the best growing region in the world.

Our Variety and Purity
We grow and process only the Pima cotton variety. Not all Pima cotton is the same; we ensure that our Pima cotton is never blended with other cottons, maintaining Pima purity. Purity is ensured by tagging our Pima cotton with PimaCott’s SigNature T DNA and then being tested after bailing, again after spinning, and weaving or knitting.

Our Tracking and Traceability
All of our cotton is baled, barcoded and tracked by PimaCott to prevent product tampering. Our Pima cotton is spun on dedicated lines. Once the cotton has passed the final purity test, it is shipped and tracked with a pedigree document to insure purity and quality beyond compare.