Farming is our Heritage


For centuries almonds have been enjoyed not only for their flavor, but also for their positive health properties. One of the most versatile nuts available, almonds are a popular snack product, as well as, a frequent ingredient in a wide variety of confectionery, baking and industrial food products.

We are able to offer almonds of all varieties, grades, and sizes including: processed, shelled, inshell and roasted.
One Farm, One Consistent Source
Farming over 1,800 acres of almonds, we have the scale to meet all your needs. All of our almonds are grown and harvested consistently. Our land is located in the Southern Westside of the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. This area is known as the best location to grow California Almonds.

Our Variety & Rootstock
We grow, pack and process a variety of almonds. Not all rootstocks are the same; we tested over 8 different rootstocks, rating each for key quality and consumer preference factors.

Our Harvest & Packing Process
We grow, pack and process all of our almonds in the San Joaquin Valley in Central California, where Hansen Ranches has been farming for five generations. During August and September, our trees are harvested with special equipment. The almonds are transported to local facilities for shelling, sizing and packaging, where great detail is taken to deliver the best quality almonds in the industry.

Food Safety
Hansen Ranches has implemented a Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in our almond orchards. Our food safety guidelines comply with all local, state and federal food safety and quality laws. We educate ourselves with the latest agricultural, production and pesticide research. Our packing facility utilizes a broad spectrum of optical devices to detect and remove defects and imperfections.